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Undoubtedly the Iranian Library and Information Science Association or ILISA, like any other scientific and professional association, has been established to meet the demands of librarians and information science activists working in the libraries and information science centers, students and academic board members of library and information science discipline.

To that end, the association has considered diversified and macro-level objectives for its activities. These objectives, formed based on theoretical foundations of library and information science profession, picture the pathway, planning and activities of the association’s committees and groups.

Generally, the association’s main objective is to promote the status of library and information science discipline in the society and to pave the ground for scientific and occupational growth of librarians and information science activists across the country.

Other major goals of the association may be outlined as the following:

-          Paving the ground for epistemological promotion of library and information science society in national and international level

-          Promoting the theoretical foundations for library and information science meant to create the appropriate ground for educational and occupational activities

-          Supplying appropriate facilities and space for establishing closer and more comprehensive links among all library and information science activists (employed librarians, academic board members and students)

-          Planning for creation of occupation solidarity across the country

-          Planning for vast realization of intellectual and practical partnership of library and information science activists in occupational and social activities

-          Supporting socialization process of this profession in a bid to establish more palpable and deeper connections with the society and better understanding of the social demands

-          Assisting review of library and information science centers functions to bring procedures into conformity with the new conditions

-          Planning for effective survival of the profession and boosting its status in the transient conditions resulting from the expansion of modern technologies

Undoubtedly realization of the abovementioned objectives requires finding certain strategies and appropriate tools.

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